Legal Matters: How To Manage A Lawyer For Your BusinessManaging a lawyer for your small business can be complex, but it doesn't always have to be.
4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Business Lawyer For Your StartupHaving the right team is always important to reach a high-level of success. Don't hesitate to bring in the expertise of a business lawyer.
Not Every Brick & Mortar Business Needs To Be Online: Here's WhyFounder of M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C. talks about successfully establishing an online business.
Preventative Measures: Labor Attorney Offers Advice For Small Businesses To Avoid Costly LitigationM. Amy Carlin at the law firm of Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP shares tips for dealing with disgruntled employees and lawsuits.
Don't Get Sued: Tips On How Your Small Business Can Avoid A LawsuitNo entrepreneur wants to be involved with a lawsuit, so take these steps to ensure that it doesn't happen.
Simplifying Legal Counsel Accessibility: UpCounsel Brings Law Into the 21st Century With TechnologyUpCounsel partnered with a tech professional to develop solutions for work-life balances.
Quick Guide: How To Prevent Employees From Stealing Your Business's Trade SecretsBusiness Lawyer Mark Bross of Bross Law, LLC provides excellent legal advice for protecting your small business.
Understanding The Two Sides Of The Business Law CoinTransaction and litigation are the two sides of the business law coin, which are explained by Attorney Matthew Kezhaya.
How To Pick A Business AttorneyThe relationship between owner and attorney is a kind of business marriage, so find someone you trust.
How To Minimize Employee Theft & EmbezzlementAttorney in white-collar criminal defense shares on keeping small businesses safe from theft.
What To Do If Your Business Ends Up In CourtMarty L. Oblasser of Corthell and King, P.C. shares how your business can prepare for court.
5 Questions To Ask When Hiring An AttorneyThe relationship with the right lawyer is one that should be based on trust.

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