Avoid A Sexual Discrimination LawsuitHere are five tips to help small business owners avoid workplace discrimination and make sure their employees are being treated fairly.
Employee Discrimination: What Equal Pay Laws Mean For Employees & Small BusinessesWhat are the new wage equality laws, and how will they affect independent companies?
Benefiting From Years Of Experience: Everything Your Company Needs To Know About Hiring RetireesWhen considering the hiring of a retiree, follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth process for all parties.
Keep Your Business In Compliance With The Equal Opportunity Employment CommissionHow not to discriminate against your small business employees.
Religious Expression & Legal Rights In The WorkplaceDoes your small business handle religious expression properly?
Don't Make A New Hire Before Understanding These 3 Discrimination LawsEntrepreneurs should have a full understanding of these discrimination laws to protect themselves from liability down the line.
Don't Let Discrimination Get Your Business DownCreating clear and thorough discrimination policies can prevent costly mistakes from happening.
Here's The 411 On Discrimination Laws For Small Business Owners: Don't Get Caught OutIn addition to federal laws, states also have certain prohibited discrimination practices.

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