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In the past several years, the growing use of activity wearables has proven to promote a healthier work environment, and thus a more productive workplace. This is according to a new report from the nonprofit Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO). However, there are caveats. Jessica Grossmeier, HERO vice president of research, explains, “We see a lot of promise in the use of wearables as a component of a comprehensive workplace wellness program.” However, she continues, “Early research supports that a device, on its own, will not change health behaviors over the long term.”

With that in mind, employers can help effect positive change by putting pertinent programs into practice.

Spring for a device

For starters, consider including a company-wide gifting of workplace wearables, like smartwatches or fitness bands, into the annual budget. Each employee will have the chance to work on an in-house program without having to put out their own money toward the program in order to do so. If your budget can’t handle such an expense, offer to subsidize every workplace wearable purchased by an employee. This kind of encouragement will likely motivate those workers who are not sure if they are financially ready to jump into such a program without monetary support.

Make goals

Encourage all of those participating in your business plan to make workplace wearables work by setting realistic practice goals. Include certain incentives for those employees who are taking part in these office activities.

Include family

Support systems can be key when seeking to enjoy success with this kind of progressive program. Inspire common wearable goals at both work and home by encouraging family members, such as life partners and older children, to take part in these exercises along with employees who have already signed up.

Make changes

Continuously modify certain company practices regarding wearables in order to keep your employees inspired when it comes to promoting their own health and well being. Ask for suggestions from high-functioning wearable workers so as to inspire colleagues, leading to long-term use and positive results all around.

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