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Greening your business isn’t just a win for the environment — it’s a win for your company. In 2014, a global survey indicated that “55 percent of consumers are willing to pay higher prices for goods and services from companies that have environmentally-friendly business practices.” As consumers become more aware about how their decisions may be impacting the environment, more and more businesses are adopting a green approach. Here are a few simple ways to make your company more environmentally friendly.

1. Take advantage of smart meters.

A smart meter is a digital electric meter that automatically sends energy-usage information to ComEd. With a smart meter installed at your business, you can access this information online, and then take advantage of smart meter-enabled tools and programs to help manage your energy use. The result may not only help you save money on your electric bill, but lower your business’s carbon footprint.

2. Adopt green-thinking as a part of your company culture.

Get your employees involved in your new green vision. Start by creating a list of “green goals” and try making a game of it by tracking and celebrating your company’s progress. Ask yourself, and your employees, how your company’s goal to “go green” can help the community, and also help to better serve your customers. Get input and ideas from your team.

3. Do business with green vendors.

Make it a point to work with green vendors. The Sands Las Vegas, for example, chooses vendors like General Electric and Hewlett Packard because of their aggressive sustainability practices. Research different vendors to find out more about their efforts to save energy. For example, does your printing company use recycled paper? If you’re working with a builder to remodel your office, does the company use sustainable construction materials?

4. Use green cleaning products.
Many of the products you’re using to keep your office spotless are toxic and harmful to the environment — and your body. If possible, replace dish and hand soaps, window cleaners and bathroom cleaners with certified green brands and reap the benefits of increased clarity, improved health and a reduction in allergic reactions.

Want to learn more about saving on energy costs for your small business? Contact ComEd at 866-368-8326 or visit ComEd.com/BizSmartMeter.
For more tips and inspiration for small business owners, visit Small Business Pulse Chicago.


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