Philadelphia has always been known for its beautiful historical traits and landmarks, but now they are reaching beyond new recognitions by becoming the growing pivot of new startups and small businesses. Just like any other city or state, small businesses are the key to security and welfare in Pennsylvania. According to Small Business Development Centers small businesses in Pennsylvania “account for a significant share of the state’s economic production and hiring.” This means there is a much opportunity for new entrepreneurs to start building their own share of an empire. Every small startup business needs a foundation and infrastructure to be successful. Philadelphia is a city that offers a platform to jump-start success for business owners.



When starting a new small business, entrepreneurs often find themselves in a very lonely place trying to figure out the ins and outs of their new startup. In Philadelphia, this is something an entrepreneur does not have to fear. The startup scene in Philadelphia is unique because, according to a BizPhilly article, “Philadelphia is a large enough market to compete in a global economy, yet small enough where entrepreneurs will find a close-knit community and support group of business partners and colleagues to foster collaboration and innovation.” One of the reasons why it is called the City of Brotherly Love is because there is an incredible power within the community.



There is a great amount of online and ground support that offers a handful of resources to entrepreneurs or up and coming small business owners that help them connect to a growing network. Many of these resources range from programs and grants to organizations and tax credit support. Some of these helpful support outlets include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Starting a Business in Pennsylvania: A beginners Guide – This is an online PDF file that tells you everything you need to know about starting a small business.

  • The Chamber of Commerce for Greater PhiladelphiaAccording to their website, the mission of this chamber is “dedicated to promoting regional economic growth, advancing business-friendly public policies, and servicing members through outstanding programs, benefits and services.”

  • SCORE Philadelphia: For The Life of Your Business – This is a non-profit organization founded in part by the Small Business Administration that helps entrepreneurs turn their innovations and dreams into reality. They provide mentoring programs, local and online workshops, templates and tools, and include events.

  • Small Business Development Center Pennsylvania – This site helps entrepreneurs create business plans by providing checklists based on research, planning and structure. They offer the guidance new small business owners should acquire in order to prosper and thrive in their new startup.


Location is one of the major reasons why starting a small business in Philadelphia will be successful. Philadelphia is located between New York and Washington, D.C., both considered major business hubs. Setting up a small business in Philadelphia will provide convenience and booming business to come in and out of the city.



Philadelphia is home to 65 colleges and universities. This means that small businesses have the opportunity to take in an abundant amount of intellectual, eager, talented young adults. With young millennials on an entrepreneur’s side, small businesses will run in a way that connects better with the perception of today’s generation, and allow those businesses to flourish as a result.



This article was written by Ashley Thompson for Small Business Pulse



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