In the current marketplace, businesses need to utilize social media in order to connect with consumers. In particular, millennial consumers who have a resistance to traditional forms of advertising have an affinity for interacting with brands on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, small business owners need to understand the parameters involved in successfully utilizing social media as part of their companies’ marketing efforts.

It takes awhile for it to be effective

It doesn’t cost anything to establish a social media account for your business on most of the major platforms. However, there is a significant cost involved in getting a quality return on investment from using those platforms. It takes time and effort to create engaging-platform specific copy, and to respond consumer questions and comments. Eventually, with frequent updates and quality content, you can establish a social media presence for your company that will drive profitability and grow your business with America’s largest consumer demographic. Just don’t expect results overnight.

Video needs to play a big role

Regardless of what industry your business operates in, you need to make video a big part of your social media marketing campaign. Videos are a useful marketing tool because they allow you to present new concepts, such as a new sale or the start of a loyalty program, to consumers quickly and dynamically. Additionally, recent advancements in video technology have made it possible for small firms with small dollar marketing budgets to produce high-quality videos that have the potential to connect your brand with millions of consumers across the country.

Email is still the best online marketing channel

While newer social media platforms seem to emerge on a near daily basis, old school email still has the highest ROI of any online marketing channel. As more and more consumers access the internet through their mobile devices, email gives brands a direct pipeline in which they can communicate with customers that will increase conversions and sales. So, how do brands get consumers to hand over their email addresses in this day and age? Offering appealing discounts or a free month of service will entice the public into giving your company a foothold into their digital existence.



This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse



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