Outbound sales are easily defined in contrast with their counterpart, inbound sales. Inbound sales are described as having the client call you. This call is inbound. For instance, a client reads an advertisement in a magazine about your new emissions reduction technology, and calls the number given in the advertisement. Outbound sales relate to when you call the client. This call is outbound. The term typically associated with outbound sales is cold calling or cold emailing.

The most important objective to concentrate on in outbound sales is the generation of sales leads. This objective can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Purchase leads from a market intelligence firm like Industrial Resources Info.

  • Setup a booth at a major industrial conference. The booth itself is also a marketing tool, but at the conference, you can collect business cards and scan badge information into your database.

  • Write an article for a trade magazine. The best opportunities occur when the magazine inserts a postage paid return card that allows readers to circle numbers identified with the article to get more information.

Another important aspect involved in outbound sales is knowledge of your product and your industry. A prospective client may need and want your product, but he may not be sure if you and your company are trustworthy. If you are selling an industrial valve, then know the technical specifications of the valve and something about the science behind it. Furthermore, read up on how the valve is used in the industries to which you are selling.

Lastly, do the leg work. Another way to get the trust of the client is to go over absolutely all questions that he may have. Just say, “I do not know off-hand, but I will be glad to find out for you”. This gives the client confidence that you will be there to help if the product breaks a few days after purchase, and he will be confident that you will go the extra mile for him.


This article was written by Richard Carranza for Small Business Pulse



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