Since it was released on July 6, Pokémon Go has achieved an incredible amount of success. The mobile game has not only amassed 30 million players, it’s also become the app that users spend the most time on per day. Just as a rising tide raises all ships, Pokémon Go’s arrival on the marketplace presents small business owners with a number of opportunities to grow their businesses and increase their profitability.

Drive traffic with giveaways

Pokémon Go has become so popular because it requires players to get out into the world to acquire a host of digital monsters. By its very nature, the game drives consumers into the physical space and it drives them toward areas that feature rare Pokémon or items that aid in Pokémon development. Small business owners can take advantage of this aspect of the game by holding giveaways of hard-to-find items. A pet shelter in Indiana and a political organization in Washington D.C. have made national headlines by utilizing this strategy to great success.

Pokémon happy hour

If you’ve noticed an uptick in young adults and kids frequenting your location seemingly just to take a picture, it might be because a Gym or PokeStop has spawned at your location. If that’s the case, you and Jed Clampett have a lot in common. To take advantage of the new foot traffic to your store, simply purchase some Lure Modules, which are effectively the duck calls of the Pokémon world, and dispense them at specific times. During these periods, you should offer themed sales, like a bar’s happy hour.  Since these players are already visiting, there’s no reason you shouldn’t turn a Pokémon lure into a massive revenue driver.

Bring your offerings directly to players

In addition to drawing consumers to their businesses, owners can also cash in on the Pokémon Go craze by bringing their offerings directly to players. To do this, you’ll need to find Pokémon Go hotspots in your area, such as Gyms or places where Pokémon are plentiful. In many cases, these locations have spawned in places where the public congregates, like landmarks or parks. Once you find a suitable location, stage an event there and advertise it on social media. You might want to consider involving other small business owners in your event as well to raise its profile and demographic appeal. It won’t take much prompting to turn your event into a regional viral sensation.

Profit by embracing the Pokémon community

There are a few different ways to indirectly profit off of the rise of Pokémon Go by embracing its community of players. The restaurant chain Applebee’s has reached out to Go players by tweeting out screenshots of Pokémon captured in their locations, and your company could benefit by doing the same. Several different businesses from across the country have found success by offering discounts to customers who are Pokémon trainers. With some simple signage and a targeted social media campaign, small business owners can ride the Pokémon Go wave to unprecedented success.



This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse



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