The media landscape of today can make reaching customers difficult. Traditional media channels, such as television commercials and radio spots, don’t gain as much exposure for clients, and digital media tools are quickly becoming crowded. Founded in 2005, Jeneration PR, a Los Angeles-based boutique public relations firm, helps businesses navigate this landscape. Offering expertise in media channels of all types, Jeneration PR offers its clients in integrated approach, developing solutions that work for each business. The firm specializes in beauty, baby and lifestyle brands, but its strategies can be applied in most industries.

Jennifer Berson Image (courtesy of Jeneration PR)

Jennifer Berson (Image courtesy of Jeneration PR)

Jeneration PR founder Jennifer Berson started the firm following a career as a civil litigation attorney. What began as a side project promoting a U.S. cosmetics company soon became a passion. Berson and her team have built the business by staying current with trends in public relations and social media, and they help businesses by using their expertise to develop personalized campaigns. Berson has also cultivated relationships with editors at publications of all sizes, which allows the firm to choose media outlets that are the best match for each client.

Recently, Berson started Jeneration Academy, a resource that allows small businesses to learn about the business of public relations with tools that they can use themselves. Jeneration PR itself offers a wide array of services, including social media, outreach, press kit development, event production, celebrity relations and much more. The company prides itself on its outstanding customer service and its ability to develop campaigns that fit with the personality of each of its clients. Berson talks more about Jeneration PR and the industry in general.

screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 The Media Landscape Is Changing Dramatically: PR Expert Reveals How To Stand Out In The Extremely Competitive Social Market

“The media landscape is changing so dramatically.

Our clients have to have an open mindset

and flexibility to try new tactics.”

screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 The Media Landscape Is Changing Dramatically: PR Expert Reveals How To Stand Out In The Extremely Competitive Social Market
screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 The Media Landscape Is Changing Dramatically: PR Expert Reveals How To Stand Out In The Extremely Competitive Social Market

How do you determine which brands fit within your company’s mission?

We’ve been working for more than 11 years promoting brands in the beauty, baby and lifestyle spaces. I’ve developed a deep expertise and have longstanding contacts in these areas, so potential new baby and beauty brands would obviously benefit tremendously from our experience. I also seek out brands that are open-minded and want to try new approaches to grow using non-traditional media like influencer outreach, strategic partnerships and digital content marketing. The media landscape is changing so dramatically, and our clients have to have an open mindset and flexibility to try new tactics that will have a positive impact on their brands.


Do you look for clients that fit within your brand, or do you find that many of them approach you?

We are so fortunate to have a business that runs mostly on client referrals and positive word of mouth. Usually prospective new clients find us through our work and results for current clients. Our website is also a powerful tool for us to attract new business. People find us on Google or through our social media channels, and they have usually spent some time going through the content, case studies and results on our site, so they are typically ready to discuss how we can support them since they know we are already a good fit.


What are the ingredients of a successful public relations campaign in the current media climate?

Even though media is changing, I believe it is now more possible than ever to have a successful PR campaign that helps you accomplish so many goals you have for your business, including increased sales, establishing yourself as an expert, charging higher prices for your service, fully booking your client roster, getting your brand into retail stores and more. It takes passionate pitching, persistence and patience to accomplish press success.

Entrepreneurs and brands should be focusing not only on traditional print and TV media, but really putting a lot of effort into securing online placements on websites and blogs, getting their brands into the hands of influencers in their space, and also considering booking themselves on podcasts to help establish their expertise and gain more exposure. I have an active and engaged community of insiders called Jeneration Entrepreneurs where I share tips and strategies for doing just this — developing & implementing a successful media outreach campaign in the current digital media landscape.


With so many brands competing for attention on social media, what does your firm do to make its clients stand out?

This is one of my absolute favorite topics because I do believe it is possible to stand out in the crowded brand landscape on social media, but it takes some effort. We always start with the premise that our goal is to add value to our customers through our social media communities. First, we work with a brand to establish their brand voice, including the tone and visual voice. We create a brand mood board that helps guide all of the visual content we are pulling together for the brand. Then, we create a content schedule with repeating themes of content examples we plan to share with our community. We create our own original content like branded animated GIFs, still life photography, overhead grids, lifestyle shots, etc. We also create graphic elements like quotes, jokes, recipes, tips and more, always matching the brand tone and style. The goal is to make the social media channels a destination for customers, providing them with value and encouraging them to return. Sharing giveaways and offers is certainly one important aspect, but unless you create a destination with valuable, on-brand content that is interesting to your target customer, they won’t be open to receiving your promotional content.


What books are you currently reading that you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs?

I’m really focused on productivity and maximizing my results with minimal time and effort. I am currently reading “Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind.” It was recommended to me by Alex Michael May, my genius creative social media strategist. She gets so much done for us and our clients every day, and I know she uses these methods in the book to help her do that. As a busy mom with two young boys — one of them with special needs — I am always looking for ways to boost my productivity, staying creative and inspired, while also freeing up time to be with my children. I also am working on being more present and mindful in both my personal life and with my business. This book helps me accomplish that.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse



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