Psi Health Solutions, headquartered in Pacific Grove, California, is the maker of Psi Bands, acupressure wrist bands designed to relieve nausea caused by morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia. Product developer and current CEO of Psi Bands, Romy Taormina saw the need for an updated acupressure band during her pregnancies. “I suffered from debilitating morning sickness during my pregnancies and found nausea relief through acupressure wrist bands. However, the existing products on the market were lacking in both functionality and fashion.”

Taormina describes the bands available at the time as “drab acupressure wrist bands that look like they should be worn with leg warmers from the 80s.” Her design added fun colors and designs as well as increased functions. Psi, pronounced “sigh”, bands are adjustable and waterproof, allowing users to wear them while bathing, washing dishes and boating. The new company was up against a well-known national brand as it sought to get its product placed on the shelves of major retailers that rationalize SKUs and vendors.

The solution for Psi Bands was a mix of do-it-yourself public relations and targeted marketing. Taormina said PR is less costly and more credible than advertising, and their PR is ongoing. “We are mindful of what is happening socially and culturally. We read industry reports, and we subscribe and reply to HARO leads so that we can tailor our pitches to match seasons, trends and timely opportunities.”

They network with other entrepreneurs holding the philosophy, “Do a lot of giving, and you will get back too.” Taormina says that if she runs across a lead she believes will benefit another business, she will send an email making them aware of the opportunity. In her experience, favors are reciprocated. “Case in point, my appearance on the Jeff Probst day-time talk show as a mom with a million-dollar idea was the result of another entrepreneur’s introduction to one of the show’s producers. The net result is that we have landed features in some of this nation’s major media outlets, including in Oprah’s Magazine as an ‘O Pick,’ Entrepreneur magazine as a ‘strokes of genius,’ The New York Times, Buzz Feed and many more.”

Psi Brands also had success reaching consumers through their doctors by utilizing the Brandperx Doctor Detailing program. “ObGyns and oncologists across the country are delivering information about Psi Bands direct to their patients,” says Taormina. “Using geo-targeting, Brandperx uses the store lists we provide to them to match up physicians who are nearby the stores where Psi Bands are sold, making it convenient and accessible for these patients/consumers to purchase our product. It’s a win for all — the patients, our retailers and Psi Bands.”


This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse
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