Simple App Helps NYC Florist Boost Marketing Efforts With Platform To Show Off Personality & Skills

June 27, 2016 - 12:00 pm
  City Girl Flowers recently celebrated its first anniversary. The boutique floral design studio set up shop in January 2015 in New York City. Owner and Certified Floral Designer Jill Gaynor came to the city as a transplant from California, and incorporated the West Coast’s laid-back style with Manhattan sophistication in her floral arrangements. As a small startup, she has no employees and brings in freelance florists to help with larger jobs and events. Gaynor needed a cost-effective way to draw attention to her unique designs, which is not an easy task in a city that has florist shops on nearly every corner. She began using video marketing through social media to drive her brand and generate interest in her services. Utilizing the Animoto app, she created holiday messages and tutorials, which she posted to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. “So far,” says Gaynor, “the Animoto videos that I post natively to Facebook get two-times the total reach and two-times as many clicks compared to the photos that I post.” Animoto is available for iOS and Android devices. Gaynor says she found the app very user-friendly. “There was a bit of trial and error for my first video, but I was able to dive in and create videos right away.” She spends a few hours total on each video with the first draft completed within an hour, and she comes away with professional results. Her tutorials have proved to be the most popular, and her holiday posts do well also. She plans to schedule regular, monthly videos. Her marketing plan going into the future focuses on providing consistent content on social media, collaborations with other creatives and investing in product branding and brand identity. “I want people to see my logo/designs and recognize City Girl Flowers.” She recently unveiled her new logo on Facebook. “Video marketing has been a great way to connect with new customers and people in my field,” says Gaynor. “After seeing my videos, people feel like they know me, which is great for business! Since creating videos on Animoto, I've landed new customers and a large event order, so it has already produced positive results for my business.” As City Girl Flowers grows, Gaynor hopes to retain the personal, small business feel of her studio. “Like other small businesses, my budget for anything other than flowers is not much. Animoto is an inexpensive, effective and easy way for me to showcase myself and my business.”     This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse   document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" src="">\x3C/script>');(function() {var params = {rssmikle_url: "",rssmikle_frame_width: "555",rssmikle_frame_height: "556",frame_height_by_article: "0",rssmikle_target: "_blank",rssmikle_font: "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",rssmikle_font_size: "12",rssmikle_border: "off",responsive: "off",rssmikle_css_url: "",text_align: "left",text_align2: "left",corner: "off",scrollbar: "on",autoscroll: "on",scrolldirection: "up",scrollstep: "4",mcspeed: "20",sort: "Off",rssmikle_title: "on",rssmikle_title_sentence: "More From CBS Small Business Pulse",rssmikle_title_link: "",rssmikle_title_bgcolor: "#56A8E2",rssmikle_title_color: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_title_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_bgcolor: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_item_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_title_length: "100",rssmikle_item_title_color: "#56A8E2",rssmikle_item_border_bottom: "on",rssmikle_item_description: "on",item_link: "on",rssmikle_item_description_length: "175",rssmikle_item_description_color: "#666666",rssmikle_item_date: "gl1",rssmikle_timezone: "Etc/GMT",datetime_format: "%b %e, %Y %l:%M %p",item_description_style: "text+tn",item_thumbnail: "full",item_thumbnail_selection: "auto",article_num: "15",rssmikle_item_podcast: "off",keyword_inc: "",keyword_exc: ""};feedwind_show_widget_iframe(params);})();