The process of sales is an important component of any business, and it is critical for startups and entrepreneurs. However, sales is also one of the most daunting and challenging tasks associated with running a successful business. If you’re too pushy or not passionate enough about your product, selling it effectively can be difficult. Chuck Bauer, a sales trainer who has hosted over 10,000 training seminars and owner of Chuck Bauer Consulting, offers tips on how to improve your sales pitch and sell like a pro.



chuck square Expressing Company Passion To Help Create Great Client Relations Key To Successful Sales Strategy

Chuck Bauer
(Photo courtesy of Chuck Bauer)



Be passionate, not pushy

According to Bauer, the key to successful sales is to convey your passion for your product or service to your customer. He states, “Be very passionate about what you’re selling without being overbearing on people. Some salespeople who go over-social or over-friendly may be lacking great communication skills, so they try to be over-friendly and that doesn’t work. You really want to build functional relationships from the business owner who is selling their product and the potential clients who are possibly buying it from them by having a functional relationship, and not just one that’s built up by the business owner kissing up or being too over accommodating, which really doesn’t work in our society today.” Approach selling your products and services with the goal of building client relationships.


Be a problem solver

Your business exists to fill a need, and it’s your job to communicate this to prospective clients. Bauer recommends listening to clients. It may seem simple, but some salespeople spend more time speaking than listening, which is not advised. “Listen to the pain. Listen to the needs. Listen to the challenges of the person who you’re communicating with. This comes back to ‘anti-sales,’ where salespeople have a tendency to over speak. Again, listening will serve them well.” Actively listening to your prospects will help you better formulate how to meet their needs and help you build better relationships.


If need be, outsource

Sales may not be your forte, and that’s fine, but you still need someone to sell your products or service. Bauer advises that calling in professionals may be warranted. “If a business owner thinks they want to sell, but are scared to sell, then they should outsource it. I run into this frequently. [People should consider outsourcing sales functions] if they don’t want to pick up the phone and call somebody or do a follow up call, if their people skills aren’t strong, etc.” Sometimes calling a professional will help you hone your own skills as well.

Selling can be tricky, but if you approach the situation with your clients in mind and know how you can fill their needs, then you can have an honest dialogue with customers and increase your chances of turning prospects into customers.




This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse



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