James Tally is the CEO of Tally Inc., a boutique agency providing human resources, sales and IT consulting with a focus on technological solutions. Tally has 32 employees and continues to grow. Here Tally discusses the online platform, Tasytt, which he utilizes to facilitate the time-consuming and effort-intensive process of training new hires.


james Firing Your HR Guy? Heres An Online Platform For Onboarding New Employees

James Tally
(Photo courtesy of James Tally)



Can you describe how Tasytt works?

Tasytt, pronounced tass-it, as in ‘tacit knowledge’ the unwritten knowledge we all carry in our heads, is an online platform that assists with employee onboarding and training from day one until the end of an employee’s journey at your company. From day one of a new hire’s career, they have all the forms, tasks and knowledge to get up to speed quickly and properly. The new hire can get to know their team so the work environment is less awkward, and the incentives motivate everyone to use Tasytt and contribute knowledge.


What are some of the platform’s features?

There’s a ton of features, and we use them all:

  • Appropriate forms and tasks to be completed that are auto-assigned to the new hire and the manager when a new hire joins the company
  • Robust ‘add member’ tool that lets you add new hires to a lot of tools you already use, like Salesforce, Google For Work and Slack
  • Analytics to track who has read what, the quiz scores they received and average times spent reading content
  • Beautiful user interface that is simple yet robust
  • Easy drag and drop content creation with integration to tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and YouTube
  • Points system that calculates points for users that they can redeem for rewards you define, giving incentive to everyone to contribute to the knowledge sharing platform
  • Notifications to keep everyone informed
  • User profiles to introduce new hires to their team
  • Full custom solution with your own company.tasytt.com web address, custom colors and logo



Do you add new materials for current employees, or is Tasytt primarily for new hires?

We chatted with Chris and Alex at Tasytt when first seeing a demo, and after purchasing it. They are the ones that suggested knowledge and training should be a continuous process that doesn’t end after day 90. So, with that in mind, we use Tasytt at Tally Inc. every day to input any piece of knowledge we come upon, whether it’s a great article on how to close that stubborn client, our monthly change in the company wi-fi password or just updating our favorite restaurants. With all that knowledge and material available for a new hire, they don’t feel as overwhelmed or afraid to ask stupid questions so to speak. We keep it fresh and consistently updated, and it’s super easy to create content.  Everything is drag and drop, and they have integrations to pull content from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and a few employees told me Tasytt just added an animated gif search engine, which is a lot of fun. I have yet to play with that.



This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse



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