One of the most cost effective channels by which to market a business is through word of mouth. Social media has given companies more tools by which to build a following and develop brand equity. California based Slyde Handboards, designers and retailers of handboards used for body surfing, has utilized its blog and social media channels to build its brand as a lifestyle. The company regularly posts blogs, Instagram photos and other posts on various social media channels to bring the surfing lifestyle to customers, which has helped build the company’s customer base. Recently, the company was able to use its brand equity to sell its products with Amazon Exclusive. Co-Founder Angela Watts details this social media campaign as well as its implications for the business.



angela watts The Power Of Word Of Mouth: California Surfboard Designer Launches New Revenue Streams With Traditional Marketing Play

Angela Watts
(Photo courtesy of Angela Watts)



One of the ways that Slyde Handboards has been able to develop a loyal following is by offering a resource in which its customers can connect with one another. Watts states, “We use our blog as a tool to create a lifestyle for our brand. It’s a place where people can go not to just meet Slyde but to hang out with Slyde. We, of course, cover all of our cool Slyde handboarding tricks, tips and waves, etc. But we also use it to create a voice for other areas of our business and the culture of it. We do profiles on different artists, brands, musicians, surfers and things we find interesting and worthwhile that we also think our customers and followers will find interesting. In the end, it builds our business and our base, but it also gives us a chance to collaborate and meet really awesome people, that then tell their awesome friends about us.”

Slyde has been able to use its community to become known as a pioneer in the handboard industry. Recently, the company was given the opportunity to sell its boards through Amazon Exclusive, which has helped to cement its status as an innovator and become more visible. Watts explains this retail channel, “Amazon Exclusive is a marketplace that only features products that you can’t find on other e-commerce sites, except for your own. Amazon only picks products and brands that they think are unique and innovative. Amazon then will promote your product to their customers in exchange for an extra 5 percent commission. Meaning they do all the marketing for you! We decided to implement it because online buyers trust Amazon, and it is really a no brainer to partner with one of the biggest companies in the world. Now our brand is being seen by people we would have not been able to reach on our own.”

To build a customer base, a company can use its blog and social media to personify the brand and use it to connect people. By doing so, the company can stay in the forefront of customers’ minds, gaining visibility and letting customers do the marketing.



This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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