Isaac Navias is owner of INConsulting. Navias helps small businesses expand their customer base through “optimizing online local search finders, utilizing the growing trend of word of mouth advertising online, and by helping them create and monetize their mailing lists.” Right out of college, Navias started in an executive HR position for Target. While he excelled at the position, Navias wasn’t happy, so he decided to start his own company to help other entrepreneurs grow and succeed.



isaac 5 Ways Your Small Business Could Optimize Available Technology To Increase Revenue

Isaac Navias
(Photo courtesy of Isaac Navias)




What are the top five things small businesses can do to be successful in terms of tech?


  1. Get on and optimize your Google Maps account. There is no better ROI for local businesses than getting a high ranking on Google Maps. Studies have found that last year 70 percent of people aged 35-54 were using local business finders like Google Maps to make their purchasing decisions. Watch my free video training on how to get on Google Maps.

  2. Get on and manage your Yelp account. Similar to Google Maps, Yelp is the second largest local business finder and is huge in big cities. Having a well-optimized Yelp listing can raise profits by $20,000 to over $100,000 a year.

  3. Start building and monetizing your mailing list. There is no better way to create a continuous revenue stream then to develop a list of people who are interested in your services and want to buy your offerings. Sites like LeadPages make it super easy to create high quality opt-in pages to grow your list.

  4. Realize that we live in a global workplace. It is so easy with sites like Fiverr and Upwork to now hire experts in any field [graphic design, web development, marketing, etc.] to help your business for minimal costs. Many small businesses try and do everything themselves when it is much more cost effective to hire an expert to do certain tasks for you.

  5. Put call to actions on your websites/social media. One of the biggest mistakes I see from small businesses is no call to actions on their sites. People need to be told what to do in order to take action. Something as little as saying please RT (retweet) or Share has been shown to increase people sharing your story on social media ten fold. Putting CTA on your website combined with scarcity is a great way.




This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse



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