With today’s technology, there really is no excuse for being disorganized. There are so many helpful tools to get your business running smoothly, and many of these tools are low cost and sometimes even free. You can run many apps and programs from your smart phone, tablet or even your computer. However you decide to organize yourself and your small business, you’ll find these great apps to be very helpful during the process.


If you’re one of the many people with mountains of paperwork and very little organization to it all, Neat is the app that will save you from yourself. This app allows you to take photos of your receipts, invoices and other business documents, and then send those pictures to cloud-based storage where you can file them for future needs. You can then search through your documents on the cloud with keywords. This neat app runs from about $6 a month to $25 a month, depending on which plan you decide to get.


Skype is certainly not new, and it’s one of the most popular instant messaging systems out there, but are you using it to its full potential? This great program offers a lot of ways for you to keep communication with your team strong, no matter where you are. Use Skype for calls, screen sharing, conference call meetings, collaboration on projects and much more. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your co-workers, customers and clients with clear, open communication.


For small business and personal finance, you’ll fall in love with Mint. This great app provides helpful ways of organizing all your financial information, spending habits, bills and more. This is an especially good tool for those that need some help with budgeting, investment tracking and organization as this program puts everything into one place so you can see your entire financial picture at a glance. It’s also very secure and provides a lot of very powerful features that you’ll find to be very helpful, no matter your financial background.

HootSuite Suggestions

If you run a business with a few different social media networks, you may already know about HootSuite, but the newest feature, HootSuite Suggestions, is a great new tool that you’ll want to start using. This app tool searches the web for relevant suggestions that you can use to post to all your social media accounts. It also helps create the content for you, which is a very helpful tool for anyone that knows the struggle of constantly finding relevant content. With scheduling, publishing options and more, there have been some great changes over at HootSuite, so be sure to check it out.



This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse



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