FischTank Marketing and PR, the New York City-based, full service communications and marketing firm, offers public relations, digital marketing, advertising and content marketing solutions to a robust list of clients. Industries represented in their client roster include clean technology, real estate, non-profits and emerging technology.



matt bretzius Improving Company Efficiency: Tame That Out Of Control Inbox With An Email Productivity App

Matthew Bretzius
(Photo courtesy of Matthew Bretzius)



Although the firm remains small with only six employees, President Matthew Bretzius says managing the large volume of emails they receive had become an issue. “We work in email all day long, sending and receiving hundreds of messages a day as a firm. We found that it was becoming difficult to manage emails that needed immediate action, which ones didn’t and things that needed calendar invites, etc. It became an organizational issue.”

What was FischTank’s solution? They began using Boomerang, an email productivity app. Boomerang features an Inbox Pause, which stops incoming messages and a “Boomerang” function that removes emails from your inbox until a specified time. Most helpful for FischTank, says Bretzius, is the scheduling capability. “We work so heavily in email, sometimes we can be forgetful to respond to a message later on. The scheduling feature allows us to respond to an email right away, but not have it sent until later on when it needs to be.”

“The Boomerang feature, removing an email from your inbox until a specified time when it returns, is also super helpful for us. Our inboxes can get very cluttered with all of the messages we receive daily, and not all of them need to be addressed right away. We can Boomerang some of these messages away for a few hours to focus on what really needs to be done, and then address them later once they appear back in our inbox.”

According to Bretzius, Boomerang use is intuitive, and FischTank employees were quickly able to master its features. “Within just a couple of emails, I’d say everyone was fully functional with the scheduling functionality of Boomerang because it’s literally just a couple of clicks to choose day and time. There’s no tricks to learn or figure out. It all feels so native to our email that it was really easy to learn. Same with the Boomerang feature — select a time and one click to be done.”

Boomerang works with Gmail and Outlook. There is a free version and Enterprise versions, which Bretzius considers affordable. “This has allowed us to be much more efficient in terms of response and scheduling of meetings because the app is so intuitive and blends seamlessly with your inbox.”



This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse



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