Mike Rodriguez is a human resources consultant and author of five books, including “Break Your Routines To Fix Your Life.” His firm specializes in human capital management, including hiring, retention, termination, performance plans, employee performance and engagement, flex time and millennial engagement. Rodriguez offers these tips to help small businesses with human resource concerns.


mike rodriguez Human Resources Consultant Shares 3 Critical Areas for Small Business Success

Mike Rodriguez
(Photo courtesy of Mike Rodriguez)



There are three critical areas that will determine the success of any small business. The foundation of any business starts with, Why are you doing what you do, and what is your company vision? Most leadership today does not establish, know or buy into their vision. This is extremely important because it lays the framework for the categories.

People – Skill and desire are the two primary reasons why people succeed or fail.

If you do not have a purpose, a mission and a vision for your organization, how can you expect your new hires and employees to know what to believe in or even see to follow? Without vision, employees become task oriented, and default to just doing a job. You want your new hires and other employees working for something bigger than that, otherwise you will start to see attrition. People do not just want a job, they want purpose. Things change when employees work for more than just a paycheck. Understand their need and communicate why you are hiring and what you need. Make sure the role is a fit for both of you.

Processes – How do you do it?

Your processes should be aligned with the skill level of the person doing the work. Staff needs to be trained on why they are doing a job, not just how. Do they truly understand the purpose of the work? Whom is it benefiting and why? Processes should be easy to understand and transferable for new staff. This keeps your business adaptable, scalable and relevant. Today, we see organizations that put people through training that they established years ago. The staff comes out and still doesn’t know what to do or why they are doing it. The result is low performance. The company then reacts, gets upset, takes action to penalize the employee with a write up, and then fires them. It is cyclical.

Infrastructure – What systems, tools or tech do you use?

A few years ago the difficult thing was working with a small business who did not believe they needed a website, imagine that, and at the same time, most were complaining because they were losing business. However, since they lacked the infrastructure for measurement of growth, they could not tell me how or why they were losing business. When this happens, companies resort to blaming. It is a bad market, I cannot find good employees, etc. All untrue. When I pointed out that a website is not an expense, but a tool to grow new clients and measure traffic, buyers and losses, their minds changed. Today, business owners need to take a similar approach to the changing market, social media and tech. People look for careers, shop, buy, learn and make decisions differently. With the onset and advances in technology, change will continue to happen at a rapid pace. Business owners must keep up.



This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse



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