Samuel Partida, Jr. is founder of Through podcasts, the business provides fast and efficient learning opportunities for criminal law attorneys. After law school, Partida worked as a prosecutor in Kane County, Illinois for about eight years. He has been in private practice as a criminal defense attorney for the last five years. His main role and responsibility for is to create podcast episodes that criminal lawyers can rely on. This may consist of creating a simple broadcast informing the watchers of a new court decision they have to look out for, or it may mean diving deeper into an issue that is causing problems for attorneys in court.

The following are top five legal points Partida would recommend to small business owners, particularly online business owners, to help them to be successful, stay out of trouble and ensure they can continue to provide their product or service.


samuelpartidajr2 Attorney With 5 Legal Points To Assist Entrepreneurs In Avoiding Potentially Costly Problems

Samuel Partida, Jr.
(Photo courtesy of Samuel Partida, Jr.)


Just because an image, song or article is found on Google, doesn’t mean the item can necessarily be used by anyone for any purpose. You have to dive deeper into the source to see exactly what usage rights may or may not be available.

Do not include the name of an already existing business as part of your own business name or domain. Big companies don’t like that. More likely than not, you also cannot afford to fight them on that issue.

Joint ventures
It is so easy to put up a website or produce a podcast with a friend without thinking of the legal ramifications up front. Something in writing is always best. At the very least, you have to talk to potential partners about ownership, profit sharing, roles and responsibilities before entering into any kind of business activity.

In small business, we pride ourselves in wearing many hats. Don’t wear the ‘accountant’ hat. Unless you actually are an accountant, don’t mess with this one. If there is any stable, consistent revenue being raised by your business, then surrender the bookkeeping to a professional.

Don’t cheat on the regulations
When we are just getting started, it is tempting to be a little lax with the state regulations that govern our industry. You can be assured that at the first hint of success your competitors will be watching you closely to see if you’re following the rules. Getting them right from the beginning is the best way to go.

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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