The world of marketing has changed a great deal over the past few years. With the rise of social media and other internet tools, the entire marketing industry has had to find new ways to grow and change with the times. Trends may come and go, but these current marketing trends are some of the best ways to add value to your current marketing plan. Here aooldre three popular marketing trends to look at incorporating into your daily plan.

Marketing through content

More and more businesses are finding ways to adopt content marketing into their daily marketing practices. Content marketing works well to get passed many of the search engine algorithms, which are designed to help strong content rise to the top of the cluttered web. If you’ve considered getting into content marketing, this is a great time to incorporate the trend into your marketing plan.

Marketing through video

As social media networks continue to make seamless video streaming accessible on nearly every device, video marketing continues to rise. Content by way of blog posts and articles will still be valuable in terms of content marketing, but short video content will be a huge asset to any marketing team.

Compelling shareable content

As both content marketing and video marketing take off, you’ll also see a rise in the interactivity of the content itself. Today’s consumer is no longer content to enjoy content passively. Instead, interactive content, like quizzes, become the most popular and most shared posts online today. For example, as this Inc. article points out, Buzzfeed continues to dominate the web with it’s powerful online presence. It all started with those compelling quizzes, which got users to share their results on social media. In short, the more interactive you can make your content, the more likely it is to be shared and spread on social media.


This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse



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