Today’s social media-dependent world has developed a lot of changes for nearly every industry. As more and more people move to the internet for the majority of their buying decisions, businesses are finding ways to respond to those changes. The sales team for example, which used to deal primarily with phone sales, has found many successful ways of selling to new customers online. Now the best salespeople are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar social networks to reach out to new leads, drive connections and establish business deals. Yes, the past several years have been the age of social selling, but just as all trends are cyclical, old, timeless trends are becoming hip and trendy once again.

What’s the latest trend in sales? It’s no longer the fast-paced world of likes, shares re-tweets and pins. Instead, more teams are realizing that phone sales just simply cannot be replaced with social media or other networking tools. Nothing beats the personal connection that comes from actually hearing an individual’s voice and the emotions behind it. Of course, using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to make connections and research for prospective clients is very effective and will continue to be a powerful tool. However, the telephone has proven to still be very relevant for today’s sales team and has found a resurgence as sales teams are looking to do something different to stand out from the rest of the herd.

One of the best parts about merging an older technology, like phone sales, with newer technology and social media is the advanced analytics that can now be used to drive even stronger results. Now, you can use analytics provided by many sales tracking systems and social media networks to find the best behaviors and best practices from within your sales team. Then, once you’ve figured out the best skills from your current sales team, you can use those indicators to hire or expand your department. It’s a great way to use those analytics while still embracing the value of traditional telephone sales skills.

While many people seem to have a fear of telephone sales, the facts are that it’s still a very effective method. Whether you’re starting off with lead generation and you need to make cold calls to find those leads, or you’re working warmer leads and you need the personal connection that comes from a voice to voice conversation, clearly, there is no substitution for the personal contact that the phone still offers.



This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse



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