As part of the “THINK BIG” series presented by Constant Contact, entrepreneur and business community leader Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses the importance of using high-quality content in online marketing campaigns.

When making genuine connections with consumers, content is king. Whether reminding customers of your product or service, or alerting them to new deals that are being offered, a company’s email marketing campaign must contain high-quality content. Regardless of the industry, there are few channels as effective at one-on-one communication as content rich email messages.


Video Highlights & Takeaways

  • The success or failure of an email marketing campaign is largely determined by whether or not a business’s message is received in the manner intended.
  • Before launching an email campaign, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to know what message they are trying to communicate, who their audience is, what kind of information their customers are interested in and what kind of outcome they are looking to achieve.
  • Always remember that a customer who has given his or her email address to a business already has a degree of respect and loyalty for that brand. Sending out emails that are filled with rich content will serve to deepen and strengthen those bonds.
  • Strict quality control standards for online content is also crucial. That practice can give companies an advantage over their less conscientious rivals. In today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace, business leaders need every advantage they can get.


For more information on email marketing, visit Constant Contact.


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