Sari Shepphird is a licensed psychologist, award-winning author and the founder of Sport & Perform, a consulting practice devoted to performance and sport psychology. Her practice is unique in that she provides psychological skills training to individual athletes, performing artists and business professionals. With training in both clinical and sport psychology, Shepphird helps people develop the mental side of their performance, and can help them overcome issues that may hinder performance such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Shepphird shares her insight on owning a small business and the joy she experiences everyday when helping others.



sari s Sports Psychologist Practice Owner Advocates Business Leaders Give Back: Heres Why

Sari Shepphird
(Photo courtesy of Sari Shepphird)



How do you maintain a balance between the financial obligations of your business and your volunteer work?

My work focuses on twin specialties in psychology — clinical psychology and the science of human performance. Therefore, I maintain a performance and sport psychology consulting business as well as a psychotherapy practice. I enjoy giving back to the community through my volunteer work in sport psychology as well as my role as a media consultant on issues related to optimizing performance and mental health.


Your career choice requires extensive investment in education, in terms of both time and money. Has your return on investment exceeded your expectations?

Absolutely. I attended a graduate program accredited by the American Psychological Association, ensuring the highest standards of training and professionalism. To be licensed as a psychologist, I completed many years of coursework, as well as thousands of hours of practical, hands-on training in order to gain a true expertise in human behavior and behavior change. I gained the skills to help people overcome challenges as well as acquire concrete tools for success.


You have clearly invested in yourself.  What level of educational investment do you recommend to others and why?

Do not set limits on your educational goals, and do not settle for a shortcut. If you have a passion for helping people overcome obstacles and achieve success, investigate which training path will ensure the highest level of competence you can attain. In so doing, you set the stage for helping others optimize their potential as well.




This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse



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