Employers Advantage is a human resources and support company. As president, Deanna Arnold oversees the company’s functions and the services it provides to small businesses.



deanna arnold 2 Employee Appreciation: Human Resource Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Build A Great Team

Deanna Arnold
(Photo courtesy of Deanna Arnold)


Why should a small company consider hiring a human resources firm?

Small companies have some of the same responsibilities and liabilities that larger companies have, but they typically don’t have the same resources or the need for full-time HR. Hiring a human resources firm gives the small businesses the HR support that they need at the level that fits their business. Also, with hiring an HR firm, the business owner can focus on the operations and growth of their business knowing that the HR part of the business is being managed appropriately.

Employment regulations related to the HR aspect of business are changing on a regular basis, and it can be very difficult for a small business to keep up with current and changing regulations. Not only do federal employment regulations apply to small businesses, but there are state regulations as well that small business must comply with. State employment regulations vary from state to state, so it is important for small businesses to understand both the applicable federal and state employment regulations for their business. When a regulation is different between the state and federal level, the company must follow whichever regulation is in the best interest of the employee. A human resources firm can handle managing those regulations and reduce the exposure in those areas for a small business.

Do you have any tips to offer a new entrepreneur when it comes to dealing with employees?

When dealing with employees, it comes down to meeting basic human needs. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and respected, but he or she also wants to contribute to something that he or she believes in. Creating a work environment that values the people that are there every day will directly reflect in the company’s bottom line. Should situations arise that need to be addressed with an employee, it is important to address it immediately, be clear in the communication with the employee and uphold any consequences for continued issues. If those three steps are not met, as a minimum, it will affect the morale of other employees and will send the message to the employee with the issue that nothing will be done to resolve any issues.

One thing for entrepreneurs and small business owners to keep in mind when dealing with employees is that nobody else is going to have the same level of vested interest in the business as they are. Each employee is going to be different in their work style, and it is up to the business owner to manage that expectation within themselves and not expect the same level of commitment from their employees. That sets the employee up for failure before they begin. There are going to be superstar employees, and there are going to be not-so-superstar employees, but there will never be another you in your business.



This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse



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