Finding and reaching your target market is one of the most daunting facets of marketing your small business, but these days, there are more tools available for reaching a wider sphere of people. While many small business owners are turning to channels like social media to reach their customers, this strategy might not work for others. If you run a business that primarily caters to people in your neighborhood, you can utilize community events to reach your target audience.

Tout Your Status As A Locally-Owned Business

In general, people are proud of where they live, and they are often happy to support smaller vendors. An example of this can be seen in the “Small Business Saturday” movement that has grown out of the expanding “Black Friday” madness that permeates the holiday shopping season. The initiative encourages consumers to keep their money in the community by shopping for gifts at locally-owned stores. At the heart of this initiative and others like it is a key component of consumer psychology. The Huffington Post published a blog post titled, “Marketing Success With Local Pride,” which explores how community pride fosters self identity in consumers. “People just love to show off their support or affiliations. Self-Identity is another powerful factor of consumer psychology; shoppers love things that allow them to express themselves and items that reflect on their identity.”

Use Community Events To Meet Your Customers

Many communities host events and gatherings to foster a sense of togetherness. Group events such as farmers markets, outdoor concerts, holiday events and more offer you a chance to get out in the community and meet people who could use your product or service. In an article titled, “Marketing Your Small Business at Community Events,” author Tabitha Jean Naylor states, “Local events such as street fairs, holiday markets, parades, art walks, outdoor concerts and sidewalk sales can be a great place to meet members of your community and introduce them to your business offerings.” She does caution small business owners to research the event first to determine the potential audience and ensure that your business will be a good fit for attendees.

As a small business owner, you are likely involved in your community, and you can use this to help grow your customer base. Integrating into the community allows you to build a relationship with potential customers, which leads to a mutually beneficial relationship.

This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse



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