By Charlie Breit of SurePayroll

As a business owner, you’re always trying to reach new audiences to find new prospects and customers. While having a Facebook page and a Twitter account have become standard, Snapchat is quickly becoming a viable platform to market your brand, products and services.

screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 [INFOGRAPHIC] Why Your Business Needs To Be On Snapchat
cbreit [INFOGRAPHIC] Why Your Business Needs To Be On Snapchat

Charlie Breit
(Photo courtesy of SurePayroll)

screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 [INFOGRAPHIC] Why Your Business Needs To Be On Snapchat

With 100 million daily active users, Snapchat has become one of, if not the fastest growing social networks. It’s heavily popular with millennials and women, and companies are using its unique platform to share special offers, discounts, photos and sneak peaks at new products.

Of course, like any new social outlet that comes along, understanding all the nuances of how to use it effectively is sometimes more difficult than it seems.

That’s why we’ve created this infographic on how to use Snapchat for your business. It will show you how to share and interact on the platform, as well as give you some background on why it is growing so quickly. Take a look and see how Snapchat might help bring more customers into the fold.


Infographic courtesy of SurePayroll

Infographic courtesy of SurePayroll


Charlie Breit is the vice president of marketing for SurePayroll, Inc., a Paychex Company. SurePayroll provides payroll services nationwide to small business owners and surveys those businesses on a monthly basis for insights into the small business economy. Follow Charlie on Twitter @charlie_breit and connect with him on LinkedIn.

The views, opinions and positions expressed within this guest post are those of the authors alone and do not represent those of CBS Small Business Pulse or the CBS Corporation. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are verified solely by the authors.


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