Most non-retail small businesses have a major challenge hiring salespeople. They lack a system for hiring salespeople and as a result, the statistics say three out of four salespeople hired fail within the first year. Alan Fendrich is CEO and founder of Advanced Hiring. For nearly 16 years, Advanced Hiring has been quietly fixing that issue for non-retail small businesses by providing them a system for hiring salespeople.

Fendrich shares his expertise and experience in business with small business owners to help increase sales and maximize growth profits.



alan fendrich Essential Personality Testing Often Neglected When Businesses Establish Their Sales Force

Alan Fendrich
(Photo courtesy of Alan Fendrich)



What has been the biggest challenge you have had in your business?

Our biggest challenge is that most sales managers have a comfortable system that they have always used.

  1. They run an ad.
  2. They read a bunch of resumes or LinkedIn profiles.
  3. They interview each applicant.
  4. Then they hire by gut instinct.

The problems are:

  1. They run bad ads, and they run them in the wrong places.
  2. Applicants routinely lie on their resumes and profiles.
  3. Applicants routinely lie in their interviews.

So gut instinct has no chance of working, no matter how experienced the sales manager. After a few weeks, or a few months, 80 percent of new hires are not productive. Most just disappear. Some can hang on for years, never producing much of anything. So the sales manager is constantly repeating that 4-step process. It’s mostly futile, but it is comfortable, and now and then it works. Most sales managers do not do personality testing, and that is our biggest challenge. Personality profiles are crucial for hiring effective salespeople, and even for those sales managers who do use a profile, they only use one, but years of experience have proven it takes two profiles for each candidate. One profile spots people who really like to sell. The other spots people with the values and drive necessary for long-term success. You need both those traits to hire a superstar.


What have you implemented to overcome that challenge?

So we take the time to give our clients a step-by-step understanding of how the personality profiles work. It’s really very logical that you need this information to make a good hiring choice. Most sales managers simply did not know it was available.


What are the results after you implemented your solution?

Those profile results allow us to focus on the top 20 percent of candidates. Our testing pinpoints which applicants are clones of proven sales superstars. We have many testimonials from clients who now routinely get applicants who turn out to be sales superstars, so the managers wind up very happy that they have engaged us to re-design their hiring process.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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