Vanderbloemen Search Group is a leading search firm for faith-based organizations and their future staff. After working in local church ministry for 15 years and in a Fortune 200 company, founder William Vanderbloemen knew that the church was behind the rest of the world in its hiring and recruiting practices. He began to dream of creating a new way for churches to find the right pastor for their unique situations. By combining the best practices of corporate executive search with a team that has nearly 200 years of experience, Vanderbloemen has created a solution for churches and faith-based companies that has never existed before.



william vanderbloemen The Power Of HR: Providing Everything A Faith Based Organization Needs To Fulfill Their Hiring Needs

William Vanderbloemen
(Photo courtesy of William Vanderbloemen)



“Our clients tell us that we broaden their network of candidates to look at, speed up the time it takes to hire, but most importantly, that we can provide a match for their particular DNA. Since our founding, we have seen 50 percent growth year after year, for every year we have been in existence. We believe that we are helping change the way churches search for pastors, and that it is a change for the good,” said Vanderbloemen.

Vanderbloemen Search Group has worked in nearly every state in the United States and has a blossoming international practice including work in India, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Uganda and Bermuda. The firm works with churches and organizations of every size, ranging from under one hundred to thousands in weekly attendance. They have successfully executed searches in over 75 different denominations and types of organizations ranging broadly in ethnicity, theological lean and philosophy of ministry. A majority of their work involves helping churches find senior level staff.

While Vanderbloemen Search Group’s work has primarily been in the ministry realm, the company has expanded to include several for-profits over the past year. Such searches include finding the Chief Executive Officer for Portable Church Industries, the Lead Personality for the Church Division for Ramsey Solutions and the Head of the Children’s Curriculum Department at LifeWay Christian Resources. Vanderbloemen has one of the largest databases of active pastoral candidates and a research team that is dedicated to finding people not in that database. “Our network reaches all fifty states as well as forty countries around the world,” said Vanderbloemen.

Providing guidance to churches looking for a new senior or lead pastor has become an area of particular expertise for the firm. Succession planning and helping churches and organizations transition following a long time pastorate or founder is a special passion for Vanderbloemen.



This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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