As part of the “THINK BIG” series presented by Constant Contact, entrepreneur and business community leader Jeffrey Hayzlett explains how the internet has fundamentally changed the world in the last 30 years and how important it is for business owners to keep pace with technologically-driven change.

The rise of the internet has allowed the world to become connected on a level that was previously unimaginable. The remarkable developments in the miniaturization of computer components have enabled consumers to purchase book-sized devices that have the processing power that dwarfs that of machines that once filled entire university classrooms.

To stay competitive in this new hyper-connected, globalized marketplace, small business owners and entrepreneurs must maintain a fluid outlook to help their companies stay relevant in the face of inevitable paradigmatic advances in technology.


Video Highlights & Takeaways

  • In the current marketplace, every company’s digital marketing efforts need to be optimized for mobile reach. Young millennials and Generation Z-ers are digital natives who have grown up browsing the web with their fingertips. If your business isn’t set to reach customers through mobile means, customers won’t be interested in forming a long-term relationship with your brand.
  • Along those lines, brands need to prioritize forging emotionally-driven relationships with their customers. This year and every year going forward, businesses will need to personalize their marketing efforts to drive customer acquisition and inspire word-of-mouth referrals, both online and in person.
  • To ensure their long-term success, business leaders need to adopt a change or die mindset. They need to be constantly re-examining their current strategy to make sure that it’s in line with ever-shifting consumer expectations.


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