Michael Miller, CEO of RiseUpSelling, partners with a marketing and operations guru. Miller has trained salespeople for over 10 years and has learned that anyone can, and everyone should, learn to sell. He teaches what he knows. Miller states that nothing he teaches is revolutionary. He says it is a transformational learning process of modern-day communication.

Miller has been a professional musician since he was 20 years old when he would be on the road touring for months at a time. Once he would come back home, he would need to make money quickly and fund his life off the road. Sales allowed Miller to do this.


michael miller Fierce Competition: CEO Offers 5 Tips To Improve Your Company Sales Process & Customer Communication

Michael Miller
(Photo courtesy of Michael Miller)



The marketplace is flooded with competitors. How can your small business compete?


  1. Find your story. Every company has a story; share yours. Identify your mission. Make it simple. The whole team should know it. Mine is this: ‘I’m Michael Miller from RiseUpSelling. I train salespeople, and believe anyone can learn to sell.’ This always opens up dialogue. The response gives me insight into the client’s business challenges and opens up an opportunity for solution selling. Find yours. Make it simple. Say it again and again.

  2. Teach everyone to sell. Learning how to sell makes an owner/entrepreneur 100 percent more effective. Teach your team how to talk about the product or service in an easy, fun way. Work at your pitch a bit every day.

  3. Be a student of the sales process. So many people think you are good at sales or you’re bad. This is simply not true. Have a growth mindset!  Approach everything you want to learn with intention. Remember that you want to learn and change. Get to learning! Perfect your pitches — 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 1 minute.

  4. Embrace social media. For years, advertising was the only way to interact with customers, but those days are gone. With Twitter and Facebook alone, we can have beautiful conversations with people. Ask great questions, show people what you do, find other companies to celebrate and network, network, network! Remember, these are free leads.

  5. Have fun. Remember, in the end, sales is just a conversation. Find out how your customers would like to grow. Be open with people. Tell them how you want to grow your business. Make a connection. Provide value. You’re creating a relationship; Make it a good one.



This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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