Your business is growing, and you need more employees to handle the workload, but hiring is not a quick and easy process. Where do you turn? Raj Sheth, CEO of Recruiterbox, has some answers.



raj sheth CEO Discusses Streamline Hiring With Recruiterbox & The Indicators Of Hiring A Great Employee For Your Business

Raj Sheth
(Photo courtesy of Raj Sheth)


What makes Recruiterbox different from other human resources companies?

Recruiterbox is a tool designed specifically for the little guy. Small businesses between 0 – 200 employees largely use email and excel to manage incoming job applications. That is the problem that Recruiterbox solves. We help our users consolidate all candidates from various sources in one place, after which they can collaborate on these candidates with their team and make faster hiring decisions. We are used by both pre-HR teams and HR teams alike. In that sense, we are a very different company in the HR space.

What should a small business look for in considering new employees?

Fit. Most companies and candidates connect over two things — a job description and a resume. Neither are good indicators of whether the role is a good fit for the individual and vice versa. A small business manager should take four steps to determine fit.

  1. Define the business problem that the role is solving. A marketing person ought to have a defined outcome of what they will impact, for instance, two times more signups on the website at the end of year one.

  2. Based on the problem definition, the manager should come up with a list of activities that the hire will perform on a recurring basis to achieve the above outcome.

  3. These activities help to indicate the requirements in terms of skills and characteristics that the hire must possess.

  4. All evaluations — interviews, questions or tests — should be done against this static set of requirements, instead of subjective conversations with individuals.

Why should small businesses use Recruiterbox to streamline their hiring process?

Do you know the reason for most failed hiring efforts? Small tasks like candidate reviews and interview feedback build up and become scattered throughout the hiring process, and things start breaking down. We created Recruiterbox to solve this problem. Recruiterbox is a central location where you can manage all aspects of your hiring process. You can create and distribute job openings. You can collect applications from every source. You can invite team members to review candidates, take interviews and provide feedback. You’ll find that hiring is easier and faster than ever. With everything in one place, you won’t worry about things falling through cracks. You can devote all your focus to selecting the right candidate.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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