Many businesses have used technology to streamline processes and complete work in a more efficient manner, but some industries are more traditional than others. Lawyer Matt Faustman, CEO of UpCounsel, and Co-Founder Mason Blake, a technology professional, recognized a need to streamline processes in the legal field to help foster a work-life balance for employees of big firms. By creating UpCounsel, Faustman and Blake have changed the way in which businesses can access legal counsel, offering a tool for researching multiple lawyers and finding the right one for each client’s specific needs.



faustman 2 Simplifying Legal Counsel Accessibility: UpCounsel Brings Law Into the 21st Century With Technology

Matt Faustman
(Photo courtesy of Matt Faustman)


Faustman initially had the idea for UpCounsel while working for a traditional firm. He then began discussions with Blake. “While both passionate about technology, our initial conversations were about how the traditional law model was failing attorneys by not providing a work-life balance, and clients by not giving them the cost-effective and transparent legal services they wanted and needed to run their businesses effectively.” The two envisioned a digital marketplace that could effectively connect businesses to the appropriate legal professionals.

UpCounsel takes the research component out of finding lawyers. Faustman states, “UpCounsel provides high quality business services on demand and in a cost effective way. We believe that if CEOs, CFOs, general counsel and other decision-makers can readily access quality legal services, they can not only reduce risk and make smarter business decisions, but also have more capacity to focus on big picture issues like growing revenue.” By developing a high tech solution to one of the more tedious components of the legal profession, UpCounsel has made it easy for business professionals to fulfill their needs without spending a lot of time and money doing research. This makes legal counsel more accessible to business owners of all sizes.

Professionals who work in less technology intensive fields can use the success of UpCounsel to revolutionize their own industries. Faustman states, “We’re using technology to demystify Biglaw. We’ve taken a complex process and made it transparent and user friendly by adding technology to the mix. In the same way that Uber and TaskRabbit have improved the consumer experience, we’re joining the ranks of companies like Gusto and Hired, simplifying the lives of business owners and decision-makers.”

Just because your industry is not currently utilizing technology to make it more efficient does not mean things need to stay that way. By staying current with technology and visualizing potential inefficiencies in which it can provide solutions, you may find ways to make processes more efficient.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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