Having a killer sales pitch and passion for your product are both key components to a successful sales campaign, but if your clients are unaware of their need for your product, they probably won’t buy. Many business leaders are okay with the status quo as long as it is working and is cost effective. This is the problem that Carol Keogh, President and CEO of Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. (ESI), faced as she launched her business. A seasoned sales professional, Keogh decided to educate her clients on their need by launching a unique sales campaign.



carol keogh 2 Knowledgeable Customers: Entrepreneur Uses Educational Sales Pitch To Peak Clients Interests

Carol Keogh
(Photo courtesy of Carol Keogh)



ESI specializes in ergonomically correct office equipment, and while some companies have embraced the philosophy, others didn’t know what it meant. When she and other members of the sales team pitched new clients, they found that some of them weren’t aware of the benefits of having ergonomically correct work spaces. ESI decided to launch its “Workspaceology” education campaign, which successfully trained clients in the benefits of maximizing ergonomics in their offices. “ESI introduced our Workspaceology campaign at the largest annual event in our industry. We educated our sales reps on the main cornerstone of Workspaceology, which is having the proper ergonomic work tools at your workstation. As our reps went out into the market and spoke to various stakeholders in our distribution channel, they found many people were hungry for this type of workplace wellness knowledge.”

To make the campaign more successful, Keogh and her team researched the market and the best channels in which to present the information. “Before we launched Workspaceology, we did extensive research and surveyed people in the workplace, including one of the most talked about generations- the millennials. We used a multi-channel integrated marketing campaign that included infographics, videos, social media, interactive website polls and printed material.” The team also educates itself to refine its educational campaign and its sales strategy. Keogh states, “Staying current with ongoing OSHA requirements has helped in the conceptual design of the work tools we manufacture. We must stay current with how people want to work and the technology they use at work.”

By effectively educating her market, Keogh and ESI were able to increase sales. If you are finding that prospective clients are confused about the benefits of your product, it may be wise to figure out how you can educate them on which needs they have that will be fulfilled by your product. ESI was able to do so by focusing on the big picture and building its strategy around the health benefits of its products.



This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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