While they’ve gotten a bum rap as being more stingy than previous generations, millennials can be convinced to shell out the big bucks provided they are marketed to in the right way. Here’s a rundown of four online marketing techniques you can use to connect with Generation Y.

Go mobile or go home

In 2014, more people began accessing the internet with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, over desktop computers. Among millennials, mobile web browsing is even more prevalent. According to this International Business Times report, one in five millennials now accesses the internet solely through a mobile device. As this Entrepreneur piece points out, if you want to attract millennials, you need to make sure your marketing efforts are mobile optimized. That means sending emails that will display properly on a mobile device, making sure the mobile version of your website loads quickly and is easy to use. You should also consider creating a mobile app for your business. It will increase brand loyalty and will let millennial consumers know that you’re willing to meet them on their terms.

Social media outreach

One recent study found that 62 percent of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they feel more loyalty towards it. By doing something as simple as quickly responding to a Twitter question or liking the Facebook status update of a customer related to your company, you can start turning occasional millennial shoppers into regular customers. Furthermore, if you cultivate positive relationships with those customers, you will end up having highly influential brand ambassadors singing your praises, which is great for the bottom line.

Make it easy, make it fast

As millennials have come of age in a time when on-demand services like Apple, Amazon and Netflix are abound, it’s no surprise that the generation puts a premium on convenience. If you have an online store, make sure it will allow customers to sign in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts instead of creating unique user IDs. You’ll still be able to get access to the information you want for marketing purposes, but by removing that one small barrier for entry, you’ll end up making your site, and by extension your brand, a lot more convenient.

Get real

Finally, one thing that millennials look for in the brands they engage with is a sense of authenticity. Millennials don’t have the kind of reactive distrust of corporations that Generation Xers possess, but they also find abrasive, in your face advertising to be extremely unappealing. If your site is covered in obtrusive pop-up ads, and your content is packed with marketing jargon, millennials won’t give your business much consideration. If you follow the advice given in this Hub Spot post and make your marketing content direct and humanistic, you’ll have much better results.


This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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