For burgeoning entrepreneurs who lack the resources of a big brand, maximizing productivity is of the utmost importance. One way to optimize your company’s productivity is to utilize a suite of applications that allow you to manage your business on the go.


It’s cliché, but time really is money. As such, entrepreneurs should utilize a top-quality scheduling app like Todoist. Todoist allows users to organize all of their daily tasks, collaborate with other users and to receive notifications across a range of different platforms. Best of all, the program has an autosync feature that will ensure that updates you make on your laptop will be transferred to your mobile device without you having to take any extra steps.


In order to ensure that you’re keeping up with all the changes in your industry, emerging technology and government movements regarding the market, it’s a good idea to use a newsfeeder app with robust functionality like Feedly. It not only allows you to quickly get up-to-date on the latest reporting regarding your company and others operating within your industry, it also allows you to weed out topics and sites that you’d rather avoid.


When it comes to all-in-one communications platforms, Skype is the app to beat. Not only can you communicate with your partners, clients and subordinates in real time via text, voice and video, Skype allows you to quickly share images and other files in real time. You’ll never miss out on a business opportunity because you weren’t able to get in contact with someone on your team.

Cold Turkey

For many, increasing productivity is not a matter of utilizing their time more efficiently, but rather eliminating time-sucking distractions. If you struggle to get things done because you find yourself being lured away by checking in on Twitter or Facebook, Cold Turkey will likely prove very helpful. You can set the app to block your access to certain websites during your work hours.

Office Lens

Office Lens is an incredibly handy app that effectively turns your smartphone into a scanner. Whether you want to quickly turn the information on a business card into a new smart phone contact or if you want to record the contents of whiteboard after a brainstorming session, this app allows users to efficiently digitize and store written or typed data.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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