Brett Helgeson is the principal of Adopt Technologies, a cloud computing company. Helgeson worked in the construction industry and was piqued by Directrix, the company that provided his construction business with IT services. After thoroughly analyzing the services and savings provided to his construction company, Helgeson moved from the construction industry to the technology industry, took over all business operations for Directrix and in less than a year purchased the business. The company has since been re-positioned to focus on IT services that allow other business owners to take advantage of cloud computing, as well as being re-named Adopt Technologies.



brett helgeson IT Management: How Cloud Computing Services Can Save Your Small Businesses Time & Money

Brett Helgeson
(Photo courtesy of Brett Helgeson)


Why should a small business consider cloud computing?

In today’s fast-paced business world, technology and IT systems play a fundamentally critical role in the long-term viability and success of an organization. New software, technology and tools to increase efficiency and productivity are introduced every day. Many of those solutions revolve around cloud computing — software, desktops, server infrastructure and data storage systems that are hosted in data centers, accessed through the internet and continuously updated, managed and supported by Service Providers specializing in IT.

The vast majority of small businesses have traditionally deployed their IT systems on-site and managed them either internally or by an IT partner.  The current reality is that those internal systems cannot match the level of server and storage redundancy, disaster recovery protocols, cyber security protection, hardware refresh cycles and on-going management to keep everything up to date that cloud computing providers offer through their services.

The cloud offers the tremendous opportunity to realize phenomenal enhancements to an organization’s IT capabilities, both from the business owner’s and employees’ perspectives. Those benefits extend to the bottom line as well. Most small businesses will realize annual savings on their IT  of 25 – 40 percent. Depending on the way they currently manage their IT systems, they could potentially realize even more significant savings all while improving almost every aspect of their IT drastically. Large capital expenditures on server upgrades and replacements can go away. Large capital expenditures for deploying new PC’s and laptops can be reduced by 50 – 65 percent through the utilization of low resource workstations or thin clients.

Going through an assessment with a high quality managed cloud computing service provider is something that every small business owner should invest time in. That assessment should deliver customized, relevant recommendations for your business that can save time and money while increasing efficiency, productivity and protecting some of the businesses most significant assets — their data and the software and systems that house it.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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