Don Lazzari is president and founder of Delivering Value. Delivering Value brings innovative ideas and best practices in sales and marketing to help small to medium-sized companies grow. Lazzari mainly works with software and technology companies in healthcare, providing an experienced individual who can run the weekly sales calls and coach any sales reps on how to best approach and win an opportunity.


don lazzari Capitalize On Opportunities By Being Specific In Promoting Your Companys Sales Approach

Don Lazzari
(Photo courtesy of Don Lazzari)


Here are the top five things Lazzari recommends for small businesses to do to be successful in terms of sales:

  1. Distill what you do into a single head-turning phrase that speaks to the value a customer receives. Too many companies talk about what they do and not the value they deliver. They should say, ‘We help companies like yours drive your daily Medicare reimbursement rates higher by $25 – $50 per patient per day.’

  2. Drive out your three main benefits, and tirelessly refine them until they become gospel. Too often companies want to talk about all of the things that their offerings can do, but when you begin to analyze the situation, the important things that motivate prospects to buy come down to three things. Focus on repeating those three benefits endlessly. Become an evangelist with a 3 phrase gospel.

  3. Always communicate in the frame of reference of your prospects, not from your company’s point of view. How often do you see this? ‘At company A, we are the world leader in XXX with 40 locations across the world and products that do XXX’ versus ‘What would it mean to you if you could see better documentation, better reimbursement and better care?’

  4. Adopt a repeatable and objective sales process and performance management approach. Manage it with discipline and realize that success in sales takes time. With smaller companies, we see a tendency to hire a sales rep or two, provide them with a phone, a laptop and a list of potential customers and tell them to start getting meetings. Then three months later, wonder why they are not selling anything. Successful small companies realize that revenue generation should be a primary focus, not a necessary evil that someone else can do while the product is developing. Success in sales takes time, so you need to have a longer time frame for results. You need to find, adopt and practice an objective, proven sales process that looks at all of the moving parts in a deal and sees how to successfully maneuver those complexities to arrive at a desired outcome.

  5. Provide your team with tools to help them plan account strategies and tactics. The companies that adopt account planning apps and software are in the minority. The ones who do, typically grow. Account planning tools can teach discipline and help keep reps focused on what’s required to win. The better ones are effectively virtual coaches. They also give executive management fast insight into the tactics and next-steps reps are putting into place to win.  So with these types of tools, you get discipline, objectivity and visibility in a framework that is consistent across the entire team. They help convert subjectivity into objectivity.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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