If you haven’t updated your company website lately, you may be losing business. The internet is the go-to place for today’s consumers, and they expect a user-friendly experience. Your business landing page must quickly provide clear information, have a professional design and an appealing style. A slow-loading, static site will have your potential customers quickly clicking away to your competition.

Keep Your Site Fast By Cutting Out Unnecessary Features

Test your website’s performance with tools such as WebPagetest or Pingdom. Overuse of flash, auto play videos, oversized images and bulky code will slow down your page creating an unfriendly user experience. Akamai Technologies reports that nearly half of internet users say they will abandon a site that fails to load within three seconds. Increasing site speed is also a SEO tactic. According to Google, site speed is a factor in search results ranking.

Keep Search Engines Happy With Fresh, Quality Content

A blog or a news page will keep things from getting stale and alert search engines to your presence. You can assign these posts to in-house personnel’s, solicit guest bloggers or subcontract with freelance writers to keep things fresh and lively. If time constraints make it impossible for you to monitor contributions to your site, utilize a web content service to edit and review submissions.

Redesign For Mobile Users With Small Screens In Mind

Consumers access the internet on multiple devices. Many surf the web exclusively on their phones or tablets. How mobile friendly is your site? A redesign to make your site mobile friendly may require a professional, but it will be money well spent.

Take Control Of Your Website Through Content Management

Handing your site over to a webmaster makes sense if your intent is to offer a brochure–type of site that rarely needs updating. Digital media consultant John Boitnott, in a piece for “Entrepreneur,” advises adding a content management system (CMS), at least to part of your site, so you may quickly add new information and update content. With a CMS, you may authorize employees and sub-contractors to update and add content to your site. No knowledge of coding is necessary. You will be able to maintain your own page titles, keywords and descriptions for improved search engine ranking and provide consumers with up-to-date information about events and new products.

This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse


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