Kiela Smith-Upton is an independent associate and field trainer with LegalShield Business Solutions. She has found that due to costs, a large majority of small businesses go at it alone when it comes to dealing with legal issues that impact their business, and often wish they had not.

Kiela’s role is to work with clients in North America, educating them about the company’s affordable legal and identity theft services for individuals, small businesses and commercial drivers as well as offering these services as voluntary employee benefits. Kiela shares her expertise and knowledge in legal and identity theft services. However, she is not an attorney and is not attempting to offer legal advice.



kiela smith upton 2 Independent Associate & Field Trainer Offers 5 Ways To Successfully Manage Small Business Issues

Kiela Smith-Upton
(Photo courtesy of Kiela Smith-Upton)



What are the top five things small businesses can do to be successful in the marketplace?

  1. Don’t face legal issues alone. A recent study by Decision Analysts stated that while 60 percent of small businesses experienced a ‘significant legal event’ in the last two years, half of those did their own legal work, without the help of a lawyer.

  2. Avoid cheap legal forms available on the internet. They do not come with a real attorney to review them and to assure that you are using the correct document for your needs and in the best interest of your business.

  3. Understand the fine print. Always get documents and contracts reviewed by your own attorney before signing so it doesn’t come back to bite you, and always get a copy once all parties have signed.

  4. Empower your key employees. Key employees make decisions all the time on behalf of your business. Give them access to qualified professionals to assist with evaluating or researching options and decisions to give your business an edge.

  5. Always disclose important information to your attorney. Don’t assume that your attorney doesn’t need to know details, even if it’s painful. These details can sometimes impact their ability to successfully help you.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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