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When setting up your office space to be as environmentally conscious as possible, you can’t stop at making sure everyone’s computer terminal is set to energy-saving mode. You also need to make sure that your staff has access to high-quality greener office products, both at their desks and in the copy room.


Paper Clips

When buying paper clips, you typically consider two key factors: are the clips made of a sturdy material, and are they big enough to securely hold several documents in place. Office Depot® 50 Percent Recycled Paper Clips are made out of metal and are sturdy enough to hold up to 20 documents in place securely.



The ProPaper 30 Percent Recycled Ecostapler should have a place in every green office because its ergonomic design and rubberized grip make it easier to use than 80 percent of standard staplers currently on the market. It’s also eco-conscious, because it’s made with 30 percent recycled content.


Sticky Notes

In addition to being made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled content, Post-it® 3″ x 3″ Super Sticky Notes are made with an adhesive that remains sticky even after multiple movements, and it comes with four different color choices that will make project organization easy as pie.


Recycling Bins

Rubbermaid Deskside “We Recycle” Containers are great to have around the office because their seven gallon size makes them ideal for placement under or near an employee’s desk or in the copy room. Instead of having to walk their recyclables to a central receptacle, your staff will be able to simply toss those items in the container without missing a beat. As an added bonus, the bin itself contains 20 percent post-consumer recycled content.



Westcott 12 Inch Plastic 30 Percent Recycled Rulers are durable and perfectly suited for taking measurements and drafting. The ruler lists measurements in both inches and millimeters on its double beveled sides, is designed to be used in a three ring binder and is made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled content.


For more on tools to grow your small business,
visit Office Depot OfficeMax.



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