Many businesses can be made rock stars or thrown into the compost heap by online reviews from customers. Navigating this complex system of customer reviews and turning it into a powerful tool to help businesses succeed is what Jon Hall of does for his clients.


john hall Customer Comments: Dont Let Your Business Underestimate The Impact Of Online Reviews

Jon Hall
(Photo courtesy of Jon Hall)


How do you help small businesses?

We help small businesses get more and better reviews, and then monitor and amplify them. A small business signs up with us and selects all the review sites they want to manage. Our system collects all of their reviews from around the web and creates a simple ‘review funnel’ process for the business.

The review funnel is designed to convert customers into reviewers on the review sites that matter to the business. It can be used as a standalone landing page, on a kiosk, integrated into the business website and email signatures, along with our simple-automated tools, print cards, email drip campaigns and SMS that help the business ask, remind and guide customers through the funnel.

We then monitor all of the business’s reviews from around the web, alert them whenever new reviews are posted and stream their latest and greatest reviews to their website and social media profiles to get more mileage out of them.


Why would a company need your services?

Online reviews give small companies a competitive advantage over large ones. Why? Reviews can’t be bought and sold, and they’re more likely to result from a personal relationship between the business and its customers. That means small companies are on equal or better footing to win customer reviews. And reviews probably give more bang for their buck than any other marketing effort today. They not only create visibility for the business in searches, they are insanely influential.

So why would a company need Our system makes the review process super simple and easy for both business owners and their customers to participate, activating more happy customers to write reviews. Most happy customers don’t write reviews because they don’t think to do so, they forget to or they don’t know how or where to do so. Our system solves these problems.


What are some things a small company can do to help with online reviews?

  • Have a process in place to ask, remind and guide customers through the review process.
  • Focus your efforts on the review sites that matter. A Google review is worth 100 times than testimonial on your website.
  • Recognize that it’s often the personal connection with the customer that motivates them to review. Be customer-obsessed, and customers will reciprocate.
  • Listen to and learn from what your customers are saying! This is a marathon, not a sprint.



This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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