With the country in the heat of election season, you may have already had a political campaign worker or two show up to your door. Neighborhood canvassing is still one of the most effective forms of direct marketing, and political campaigns know it. This is why this form of marketing, which is one of the older types of marketing, is still in place today in this largely online world. Sure, canvassing is incredibly time consuming, but when done correctly, it’s also very effective. To be more successive, perhaps entrepreneurs should compare the skills and techniques taught by most canvassing experts with the skills needed for a strong salesperson, as they’re shockingly similar, shown by the Houston Chronicle.

When it comes to training for political canvassing, this handbook put together by the Green European Foundation offers a lot of helpful tips for your team. The handbook also explains some of the techniques that have proven to be most effective when you’re going door-to-door. If you’ve spent any time in sales, you’ll see a direct correlation between the two skill-sets, as canvassing is really the same practice as sales. A canvasser uses sales skills to sell their candidate or issue, and the comparisons between skill-sets are clear.

  • Both political canvassers and salespeople focus on both verbal and non-verbal signals, allowing them to best communicate with their listener.

  • Both political canvassers and salespeople need to focus on their opening statement to seem both professional and nonthreatening.

  • Responses should always be organized depending on what the potential customer or client says.

  • Political canvassing and sales pitches should both end with a call to action, asking the listener to do something specific, whether it is voting for a specific candidate or buying a company’s product or service.

Clearly there is a lot of similarities between traditional business sales tactics and political door-to-door canvassing. You can get a lot of basic sales training from following a canvassing guide or even getting involved in a local political campaign. The experience would be an excellent training for you to bring back to your own internal sales team.

This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse


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