In order to win a national election, a candidate needs to have a well organized staff of campaign workers. These workers should have the skills and tools to mobilize quickly, execute orders as soon as they are given and react and adapt to changes on the ground with maximum efficiency. Ted Cruz’s upset victory in the Iowa caucus has partially been attributed to the operational efficiency of his 12,000 campaign volunteers. Here are a few hiring tips that burgeoning entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to make sure they staff their organizations with top talent players.


Create an engaging narrative

As suggested by Recruiter, before you begin reviewing dozens or even hundreds of resumes, you can save yourself a lot of time by explaining your company’s mission in a way that will appeal to a certain type of candidate. Be personable and passionate and avoid the use of trite cliches. Be upfront about the fact that though you won’t be able to offer the compensation and benefits package of a multinational corporation, you can offer applicants the ability to operate outside the strictures of a corporate environment. You also definitely want to stress that your company is about more than just generating profit. This will help ensure you attract the kind of people who aren’t afraid to put in work for a dark horse.


Pull from your social network

As this Hiring Site article notes, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama were both able to secure two terms in office by appealing to and motivating their base. Along similar lines, you may want to search for suitable hiring candidates by combing through your extended social network. Generally, people tend to associate with those who share similar views and values. By pursuing someone from within your network, your new hire is more likely to be a better fit for your company’s culture than a total stranger.


Don’t overlook less experienced candidates

This New York Times article discusses an unconventional hiring strategy that President Obama was forced to employ in his first run for the White House. Because his then rival Hillary Clinton was the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, she was able to quickly hire the most experienced campaign workers in Washington. Consequently, President Obama had to hire political operatives with less esteemed resumes for his campaign. This turned out to be a boon, as his staff was not only totally dedicated to achieving victory as a way of establishing their own credibility, they were also willing to work for less money than their more seasoned colleagues. Similarly, startup founders should consider recruiting employees who are more interested in proving themselves than collecting hefty bonus checks.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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