Now that nearly every phone and computer comes with a video camera built right in, employers are discovering new ways to use that technology. One of the fastest growing trends out there is video interviews. What once was a tool used strictly for interviews with potential employees that live out of state is now a great option to narrow down the field of candidates without needing to call everyone in for an in-person interview. There are lots of reasons that a video interview may be a good option for you or your organization.


Don’t multitask

It may be tempting to multitask, since you’re on a video interview and your candidate is not sitting directly in front of you. However, don’t let that be a temptation for distraction. Give this candidate the same courtesy you would any other person who may be sitting in the room with you. Turn off your phone, close your office door and really give the interview your full attention. You’ll get much more out of the experience, and you’ll have an easier time listening to the candidate as you look for specific qualities and job experience.


Treat it like a face-to-face interview

It’s tempting to treat a video interview differently, but you can still handle everything the same as though the candidate was sitting in front of you. Of course, the potential new employee may also have some trepidation about doing an interview via video, but there is no need to worry about that. Instead, bring up the concerns, and you can even ask your candidate what he or she would do differently if this was an in-person interview. Look for tell-tale signs of good customer service, like eye-contact, comfort and approachable body language.


Keep questions active

The best interview questions work for both in-person and video interviews. Ask active questions that require the candidate to really think about specific situations, questions like, “How would you solve this problem?” Then give the candidate a specific problem that could arise. The candidate won’t know all your policies, but you can still be on the look out for a strong thought process and to see how he or she handles any available resources. If the video interview is recorded, look for very fast answers that seem rehearsed, as those probably are rehearsed.


Look for honesty

Again, just like in-person interviews, you can still ask questions that lead you to specific discoveries. Ask what types of people the candidate works well with, or ask about a specific type of person. Then look for honesty and self-understanding about his or her own personality traits and issues. Look for body language and eye contact as usual, but then listen to see if he or she is honest about how they approach different personality types, as most jobs will require you to interact with many different types of people at any moment.

This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse


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