In the current marketplace, using social media to promote your business is a must. To create brand awareness and make your company stand out among the litany of other business that are competing for consumer attention, you might want to add some humor to your social media presence. Here is why humor can be a very useful marketing tool for small business owners.


Brand sharing

When asked what kind of social media content they’re most likely to share, 49 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by Marketing Charts gave “funny things” as an answer. By creating amusing social media content, you increase the chances that your customers will share it with their social circle, which will increase awareness of your brand. It’s also worth noting that millennial consumers place a high premium on recommendations made by people within their social network when making purchases.


Brand relatable

In addition to connecting with their friends and family, people also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to comment on the big news stories of the day. If you sprinkle in the occasional topical joke and pop culture reference in with your promotional posts, consumers will be reminded that a real person maintains the account, not an advertising algorithm. Humor will help differentiate your business from large corporations, and it will give customers who dislike branded social media accounts a reason to hit the “follow” button.


Brand associations

When we laugh, our bodies release a certain quantity of the pleasure inducing hormones into our bloodstream. When you make social media posts that make your customers laugh, they unconsciously begin to associate the positive sensation of an endorphin release with your brand. As this Click Z post explains, that positive association will make your brand more memorable and more trustworthy in consumers’ eyes. Consequently, consumers will be more likely to recommend and use the products and services offered by your company rather than your competition.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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