A challenge of marketing for any small business owner is locating your target audience, and getting them to notice your product. Many large companies spend a lot of money on market research, including the buying habits of prospective customers and the best channels in which to reach them. Small business owners may not have the capital to access these detailed resources, but many of them are creative and discover different ways in which to reach their target market. Reina Christian, marketing manager of Baby K’Tan, talks about how the company approached popular bloggers and took its products to the customer.


black blazer2 Talented Bloggers Help Company Inform Their Target Audience & Open Doors To Numerous New Customers

Reina Christian
(Photo courtesy of Reina Christian)


Baby K’Tan manufactures and distributes various products for parents, including its signature carriers, which are ergonomically supportive for mom and dad, and offer benefits such as UV protection to the baby. When the company began, the marketing team decided to approach popular “Mommy Bloggers” to help promote its products. Christian explains their decision making strategy regarding blogs. “Initially, we looked for blogs that were writing about our competitors and other companies in our industry.

It helped us to see who larger, more established companies were working with in their efforts, and it really guided us. Later, as we developed a more keen understanding of blogs and reach, we were able to develop our own strategy. This included finding the best fit and target market. Additionally, we benefited from developing relationships with bloggers who we worked with in the past, and as we were growing, the blogs were also growing. It was a win-win.”

Along with working with bloggers, the marketing team at Baby K’Tan also brought its products to potential suppliers and customers by way of trade shows. Christian states, “A few years ago we started seeing a huge number of community events, consumer expos and trade shows happening for new and expectant moms — MommyCon, Gearpalooza, Biggest Baby Shower Ever, Mother of All Baby Showers.

At first, we weren’t necessarily able to dedicate the resources to exhibit at these events, but we were able to send product for raffle. It was a good fit because new parents were on the hunt for the baby gear they needed, then if they loved it, they’d share their experience with friends and family.” These shows allowed the team to get real-time reactions from potential customers, which helped them communicate the benefits of the products.

If you are launching a new company, try using established, credible sources to sell your product to their followers. By using these and other channels, such as expos and trade shows, you can more easily communicate the benefits of your product and allow it to sell itself.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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