Bart Dillashaw is an attorney at Dillashaw, LLC, a boutique corporate and commercial law firm that represents investors and emerging growth companies across the United States. Dillashaw has represented startup companies and venture capital firms in financing transactions, as well as later stage companies in their initial public offerings, public reporting obligations, in merger and acquisition transactions, as well as corporate governance.

Dillashaw is the president of one the largest networks of accredited investors interested in working together to make investments in private companies with high-growth potential. He is also a member of an entrepreneurship clinic advisory board.


bart dillashaw2 Attorney Sees Much Promise For Many Small Businesses As He Helps Investors & Startups Connect

Bart Dillashaw
(Photo courtesy of Bart Dillashaw)


“When small businesses are getting started, there are many things for them to think about — finding space and getting their business entity set up. I am the lawyer that helps people get set up on the right foot. I help them build a solid foundation for them to thrive and succeed,” said Dillashaw.

“Sometimes a small business needs help to get solid footing. An angel investor is someone who has funds available to invest in a company. Many people who have been successful in business want to help support the next generation of entrepreneurs and make money in the process. Some angel investors are motivated by means other than a financial return. A successful businessperson might have several million dollars and have made it, but there is something other than having a Ferrari that gives them a sense of satisfaction. These people are highly driven and motivated to not only have success for themselves, but also want to see others succeed. It is not charity. They are looking to invest in a company, but it is not all about finances. Sometimes angel investors want to learn about new businesses and new business models, be able to mentor others, be part of an angel group to meet other interesting people that share like-minded projects or maybe a chance to leverage learning and connections to cross-pollinate in another entity.”

“The companies I work with are within the technology industry. I have a client that is revolutionizing the way cattle is tracked, from what they eat to where they roam and when they get sick. They look at how to make sure they get the cow that was initially sick out of the herd sooner than later before that cow has infected the entire herd. Another client I have has a platform to connect sports athletes to marketers for product endorsement purposes. This process used to take six to eight weeks, and now it takes 15 minutes.”

“I love my job. I get to interact with people that have audacious goals and help them connect with the right people to see their goals come to fruition,” said Dillashaw.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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