Fred Simmons is the owner of Paradise Bar and Grill. Paradise Bar and Grill is a food and entertainment destination in Pensacola Beach, Florida. The venue also includes Paradise Inn, which is a classic-style motel located on the waterfront.

Fred Simmons is well known in Pensacola Beach and has frequently been referred to as the “unofficial mayor” of the area. Simmons has a plethora of information when it comes to Pensacola Beach, and he offers many interesting stories about the area.

Simmons shares one of the greatest challenges he has had in running a small business and how he overcame the challenge. He is not only an expert of the area, but he is also an expert in business, as he also owns numerous rental properties on Pensacola Beach.

fredsimmons2 Love Of The Job: Showing Care For Customers & Employees Brings Big Success For Entrepreneur

Fred Simmons
(Photo courtesy of Fred Simmons)


What has been the greatest challenge you have had in business?

It has always been a challenge to find quality people who are willing to work hard and are motivated. I built my business for the people and want to keep my business honest, and a place where individuals enjoying visiting and employees enjoy working at. My goal is, when I am away from business, my employees give the same care and consideration to every aspect of the business as I do.

What have you implemented to overcome the challenge?

I made the financial decision to pay my employees well. They are paid on average higher than comparable jobs in the area. I also treat my employees with respect and care for them deeply. I run my business through example. My work ethic is work hard and long, but you have to love what you do, and it will not feel like a job.

What are the results after you implemented the solution?

Much of my hiring comes from word of mouth. I have very little turnover, and my current staff is beyond professional. They are tough as nails, but work extremely hard and care for the customers wants and needs as much as I do. I trust when I am not present at my business that it is being taken care of just as if I were there.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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