As a business owner, you must be a generalist. You may have a specialty, a passion for some aspect of your business that drove you to launch your enterprise, but you are the one carrying the vision. You know what you want your business to be. There is no task you can ignore with a “that’s not my job” attitude. The different hats you wear may be in planning, managing, sales, marketing or finance. But what about coding?
You use the web, but maybe you have no idea how it works. You can hire pros to handle the technical aspects of your web presence, but picking up coding skills of your own will benefit your business and increase your autonomy. HTML code may look like a confusing foreign language, but learning the basics is not difficult, as it does not require years of study, and has many free resources available that can get you up and running.


Five reasons learning to write code makes you a better entrepreneur


  1. Save time and money. You will not have to call in an IT pro to make a minor tweak to your website. You will also be able to find and fix minor bugs on your own, rather than wait for and pay a techie.

  2. Test new ideas as they come to you. You have a great idea and are anxious to try it out; with coding skills, you won’t have to wait for a programmer or make a financial investment in something that may not work as you hoped.

  3. Aid in planning. With a basic knowledge of coding, you will understand what is involved. This will help you better plan timelines for your projects.

  4. Communicate better with IT personnel. You can speak, and understand, their language.

  5. Stretch your brain. Coding is a type of literacy. Learning coding will allow you to further your knowledge and understanding of computer-related issues.


Where To Start

You don’t need to be an expert. With a basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you will be able to build and tweak your website. HTML builds your page’s structure, and CSS provides the layout and design. These are beginner-friendly languages, and they are a great way to learn coding concepts. If you decide to expand your coding talents, these will give you a solid foundation to do so.


Free Learning Resources


  • W3schools offers interactive HTML tutorials and a comprehensive list of HTML tags

  • Codecademy is free, but with a Pro version that offers a personalized learning plan and advisors for a fee.

  • With Khan Academy get the basics in an hour with these interactive tutorials

  • Codeadvengers offers a free introductory course to HTML and CSS. Advanced courses are available at a reasonable cost.

  • Coursera offers a massive open courses (MOOCs) provider. You can take online classes from universities and organizations across the globe.


This article was written by Gillian Burdett for Small Business Pulse


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