Julio Cajigas is a financial educator and manager at World Financial Group. As a financial professional, he enjoys helping clients reach their dreams and protect their families and future by offering financial education. Cajigas believes that no business owner or family should be left behind. Cajigas states, “In times like today, we don’t want to hope for the best, we want to plan for the future so we don’t depend on others for a handout.”

Cajigas is a small business owner, and because of this, he is able to sit down with business owners and educate them on simple core financial concepts. Cajigas grew up as the son of a successful small business owner. He feels for business owners, and has a passion for connecting with his clients. Cajigas shares the following financial tips with small business owners to be successful.



julio cajigas Without A Business Plan, Failure Is Imminent: Financial Educator Offers Real World Advice

Julio Cajigas
(Photo courtesy of Julio Cajigas)



Hire a professional financial planner

Being a small business owner, you wear many hats to save on overhead and such. By having a financial professional like myself, you take away the headache and stress of trying to figure out where to make money short-term, long-term and save money, especially on taxes, since small businesses are taxed high.


Have a written plan

Having a plan is huge in being successful. Without a written plan, you are planning to fail, and I’m sure you’re not in business to fail. You had a dream, and now you’re putting your dream into action.


Prioritize action items

Things like cash flow-managing expenses, an emergency fund-preparing for unexpected expenses and debt management-strive to eliminate debt are all things that need action.


Have a back-up financial plan

Have proper protection — protect against loss of income and protecting family assets. What happens to your business or family if you were to pass away or developed an illness?


Educate yourself

Learn about building wealth and preserving wealth. Strive to outpace inflation and reduce taxes. Reduce taxation and build a family legacy.

This article was written by Michelle M. Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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